North Knoxville Medical Center

North Knoxville Medical Center is a full service hospital and medical center based in Powell, Tennessee.

North Knoxville Medical Center is Tennova Healthcare’s newest state-of-the-art, full-service hospital. The Powell hospital and medical center offers private patient rooms with dedicated family areas. In addition, the hospital has the most technologically advanced information and communications systems, decentralized nursing stations for better efficiency and patient care, and noise-reduction materials to provide patients with a more comfortable experience.

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A nurse outside every room

North Knoxville Medical Center features workstations outside each patient room, which allows nurses to closely monitor every patient. Each floor has a business center for record management — the centralized nurse’s station is a thing of the past in hospital design. Nurses are able to enter data and comments into the electronic medical record while observing their patients through a window at each room. The rooms are all identically sized with the same layout — the beds, bathrooms, furniture, and medical equipment are in the same location in every room. This consistency allows nurses and other clinicians to work more efficiently, especially during emergencies when time is of the essence.

Enhanced comfort for patients and families

The medical center has family-focused rooms with dedicated family areas, including a sleep sofa, wireless internet access, and a second TV. North Knoxville Medical Center also offers meals on demand. Patients are able to order customized meals allowed under their diet plan, and receive freshly prepared meals — just like hotel room service.

Cancer, imaging and women's services

In October 2004, North Knoxville Medical Center opened the first and only outpatient Powell hospital campus in the area for cancer care, imaging, and women's services. The center offers comprehensive cancer diagnostics, treatment, and support services; state-of-the-art imaging services; and women's diagnostic services and educational programs.

Community benefits

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